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Improvement of living standards, increasing demands on the quality of life and taste. Wardrobe as a home industry sectors as a whole, has a crucial influence on quality of life. Relative to the hand made and finished closet, custom closet space, meet the individual and so many advantages. In recent years, the rapid development of custom closet industry prospects have immeasurable potential, by numerous concerned eyes. But because of low entry barriers, resulting in a whole wardrobe market product quality, but also present many "shanzhai" inferior product. How can consumers "buyer beware", identify the pros and cons between true and false? Here is to briefly describe how to identify quality whole wardrobe.


一、Cabinet plates

1)wardrobe plates use mdf or particle board.

Method of judging is from a section of sheet metal, high density Board fines are closely combined with high density, heavy. High density Board can withstand great pressure, longer service life and fine particle structure of Particleboard is not close enough, you can even see small holes, placed in the hands of lesser, under gravity is small, short life.


2)see sheet base materials to environmental protection.

As long as the plates of free formaldehyde content in 9mg/100g the European E1 level environmental protection standards, no harm to human body health. The most direct way is to open the door, pull the drawer, if you have a strong pungent odor, even tears, indicating that excessive levels of formaldehyde; the second is to look at the materials testing business certificate to see whether it is the relevant certificate of national quality inspection center of the Inspection Panel.


3)see the plate was real materials.

Currently on the market and some small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often personally to deceive consumers. Standard Cabinet body thickness is 18 mm, and small manufacturers generally use Particleboard when high density Board means to publicize, plate thickness 16 mm, but consumers say their plate is 18 mm, back plate thickness is 5 mm, door thickness 10 mm.


4)edge is smooth, delicate, strong adhesion (shoddy process carefully split).

Edge banding is compatible with a wardrobe production of important corporate workmanship standards. Workshop production out of the closet in the closet on the edge of technology up to a very fine degree, view one of the edge also identify wardrobe important standards.


5)smell, water test (rose too fast and do not rise to disable).

Bad odor of the chemical taste of sheet, and harmful gas such as formaldehyde, smell can still smell it.


6)layers are all exterior, side panel hole material.

Of course be careful not punch the Cabinet side panel and solid Board, Laminate (edge on all sides) inside the material. View sheet double-sided and edge location for brand identity, formal, professional, custom closets brand is has its own brand identity.



二、the wardrobe door

1)frame material

All wardrobe border material currently on the market are mainly aluminum alloys, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and titanium alloy quality steel four categories generally magnesium, aluminum titanium high strength titanium alloy, durable, strong quality ensures the doors deformation up to 2.8 meters, sliding smoothly. Rough carbon steel thin appearance by enjoyment of post processing of paint, a long time will paint oxidation or rust.

2)doors and border color consistency and unity

Wardrobe door frame, door panel from the same manufacturer of the brand, color lines for complete consistency, supporting unification. Kitchen wardrobes are often haphazardly, can only find a suit similar to the plates, borders, unable to do exactly the same.



三、 hardware accessories


Key parts of the whole wardrobe sliding doors is the sliding door pulleys. See if wheels are smooth and resistant compression and abrasion resistant, safe and reliable wardrobe-pulley wheel, wheel. Upper doors wheel is, when the door was made in parallel to promoting smooth sliding. Wheel and hidden wheels, the use of pure nylon bearing, semi progressive rolling through the wheel Center, push-pull line horizontal line. Loading capacity up to 200 kg, high abrasion resistance, push and pull life reaches more than 300,000 times. Some brands using a set of wheel, wheel both weight and play a guiding role, too much stress, using two or three months later it is easy to deformation, high service life.


In General, the sliding door guide rails can be divided into two convex and concave rail. In actual use, we found that performance was significantly higher than that of the convex rail au rail. Au track easy dust, easy to clean, if foreign matter into the prone to jumping onto the tracks. Convex rail and avoid these situations very well, so the convex than concave in design rail Sciences.



四、other accessories

A whole wardrobe of quality can also reflect the quality of products, formal manufacturers a whole wardrobe sliding door fittings workmanship and materials are much better than the small things, such as collision, positioning devices, such as seal, from the appearance of workmanship we can separate the good or bad, more intuitive.

Can provide convenient and comfortable supporting function, having professional factory.

In order to ensure the production, brand wardrobe mostly with professional factories, modern machinery and equipment, production lines, on-site installation, completely avoiding the decoration company that field manually create inconvenience to consumers. Moreover, the dimensions of the product data is accurate, structured, giving an overall beauty. Key accessories to put their own brand security logo, and you want to weigh the weight (such as drawer guides, etc).

Hardware determines the life of the wardrobe.



五、see furniture, System.

Professional custom closet company, can not only make wardrobes, dressing rooms, bookcases, also offers shoe racks, wine cabinets, beds, dressers, bedside tables and other home accessory products of the system. Coordinated by the overall design, replacing consumer around, with a patchwork of trouble. And the Panel unity, harmony, style match, furniture high overall.

In short, without security manufacturers and services. Professional manufacturers of wardrobes edges, door profiles, blocks, even on the veneer, there are significant manufacturers anti-counterfeiting identification, quality, maintenance, guarantee, consumers can rest assured that use. Closer look at samples to prevent consumption trap.

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