Company introduction


Durable Windows and Doors Co., Ltd cooperates with Baltic GmbH., which is a Sino-German joint venture enterprise. The establishment of the company is a symbol of internationalization, standardization, high quality pursuit of made-to-measure, DIY ready-made doors and windows. We introduced Germany's advanced production technology, product development system, precise equipments manufacture, and ERP production management module etc. It has grown up into a systematized windows and doors international manufacturing group!

At the beginning of 2014, the company invested new and modern production workshops, introduced a number of imported production lines such as UPVC windows and doors, Bridge-cut-off Aluminum alloy windows and doors, wooden windows and doors. The annual production capacity is over 500,000 square meters energy-saving windows and doors. With CNY ¥40,000,000 registered capital, the “Durable Windows and Doors Co., Ltd" was set up as a high-tech enterprise which includes the research and development, production, sales and trade. The main products ranges include 5 series: high-grade alloy resin, novel aluminum compound, heat-insulation bridge-cut-off aluminum windows, European style aluminum clad wood and solid wood windows and doors.

Our goal is to produce the standard high quality windows in bulk mass production with competitive prices and sell them in chain stores, shops worldwide. In the way, the costs will be reduced a lot so all of the wholesalers, chain stores, retailers and distributors will beneficial a lot from this revolution. That’s because the wastes of raw materials are reduced a lot but the production efficiency will be improved greatly. The principle is “Replacement windows and doors have never been this easy”.

Durable is a perfect organic combination of property and system that takes water tightness, air tightness, wind resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft technology, sun-shading, weather-resistance, Operating handle and other important functions into consideration. Many important functions meet and beyond EU standards, such as sound insulation performance is the best, it truly realizes that people can hear the sound of falling needles indoor; it can save air-conditioning electricity costs effectively in summer by heat-insulation coefficient, the best internal and external heat insulation; it promises no color fading and no deformation within several decades by weather resistance, etc.

The unique central plains, the social commitment;

The Great Yellow River never stops flowing;

The establishment of Durable will strongly promote the development and progress of energy-saving high quality windows and doors in this vast land of China!

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